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Delivering Solutions: that fit with our clients needs, optimise outcomes that enhance their aeronautical business, and manage business and safety risk appropriately.

A Leader in Commercial and Technical Solutions

Superior Outcomes

We work across the aeronautical industry supply chains both direct and indirect providers.

Strategy Development

Matching global trends with immediate and intermediate future prospects and risk assessment around these prospects.

Commercial & Technical Solutions

What is the health or your organisation and the risks it is exposed to on a daily basis?

Business Modeling & Development

Delivering solutions that fit with your organisation; people, knowledge, profitability.

Finance & Economics

Profiling the quality of the organisations strategy; comparing the global trends in the dynamic aviation industry.

Approvals & Compliance

ICAO and IATA regulatory compliance and recommended practice implementation.

Why Peet Aviation

Peet Aviation Consultants and Brian Whelan provide our clients with superior all-round outcomes to prepare them to be successful corporate world citizens who think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and learn enthusiastically throughout the working life in the aviation industry.

Working with our customers, we help identify the specific requirements and develop solutions that fit with your unique political, financial and operational environments. We can help you deliver a more efficient, cost-effective service, to the benefit of you and your customers in the dynamic aviation industry. 

We provide Aviation Consultancy services to our clients in Australasia and the Asia Pacific region.

Our People

Brian Whelan



Brian Whelan has wide exposure in the aviation industry with over 25 years experience, in general aviation, corporate business aircraft, airlines and as a consultant working across many sections of the industry supply chain and collaborating with clients and consultant partners in delivery of projects. Work life includes close liaison with clients, aviation authorities and other government agencies. These roles provide a diversity of experiences across countries, people and culture and will continue to provide challenges and opportunities in the future.

Brian has worked extensively throughout Australasia, Asia and the Middle East collaborating with clients to ensure delivery of services that demonstrate transparent, accountable and effective use of their resources; a key objective for us at Peet Aviation. I have specific industry content knowledge which helps me when working with different cultures, people and organisations

Brian holds an MBA (Global Aviation) from John Molson School of Business, Post Graduate Diploma in Finance and the holder of a New Zealand Air Transport Pilot Licence with over 10,000 hours of flight time, including more than 8,000 hours as jet pilot-in-command.

Key Areas of Experience and Competencies


  • Aviation regulatory and policy initiatives, domestic and international
  • NZ Government agencies, working with development of policy, regulations and objective outcome solutions
  • Time management, meeting focus and solution generation to achieve business and project objectives
  • NZ Business regulatory compliance
  • International aviation business development, international business negotiation


  • NZ Aviation expertise, cross sector capability
  • Business strategy design and implementation
  • Business finance management, balance sheet and financial statements
  • Negotiation and communications design strategies
  • Business change management implementation
  • Government agency working relationships
  • International aviation business expertise
  • Government agencies negotiation, policy and regulatory development
  • International business negotiation, contractual arrangements and international business development in the aviation sector
  • Local and International Government agencies business and infrastructure development in aviation

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +64 21248-1080

arthur mvundura

Improvement Engineer


Improvement Engineer who has superior equipment downtime and functional analysis skills. Inclusive to ability to implement short and long term process improvement in either engineering systems or equipment, skills include creation of supplier synergy as well as capital expenditure documentation.

Constantly promoted through different departments from project management, production and engineering improvement due to previous roles where strategy, business management, project management, innovation, consulting, business analysis and maintenance engineering with both medium and bigger sized companies have been an advantage having worked in consulting I have proven success in strategy formulation, market assessment, customer relations, IT related projects and communication on a global scale.

Professional strengths:

Project Management
Strategy formulation
Production Analysis
Improvement Engineering
Performance analysis
Competitor Evaluation
Supplier Evaluation and Management


Business Modeling

Delivering solutions that fit with your organisation; people, knowledge, profitability.

  • Airline and airport collaboration models
  • Airline start-up or mature aviation organisations
  • Aviation supply chain organisations
  • Country risk assessment
  • Aviation policy and regulatory analysis, impact and influence

Strategy Development

We work across the aviation industry supply chains, from general aviation to airlines, airports and providers to the industry, both direct and indirect supply chain providers.

  • Global trend analysis
  • Linking strategy with day-to-day operations
  • Aviation industry economic analysis

Market Analysis

Matching global trends with immediate and intermediate future prospects and risk assessment around these prospects.

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Cargo
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers

Peet Aviation Consultants and Brian Whelan have extensive experience working on a wide variety of projects, across the aviation industry supply chains from general aviation to airlines, airports and providers to the industry.

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